Website just updated to a fresh, artistic new look. New songs have been added to the playlist. All music no always.
Many thanks to listeners around the globe. We will continue to broadcast the latest and greatest melodic electrodance 24/7 across the internet with minimal commercial disruption. Website and song updates coming soon!
We have officially achieved Level 2 broadcasting status on the radio server. Thanks as always for your support.
We're trying to reach the radio server's Level 1 requirement of maintaining a 12hr daily listening average during a 3 month period. We broadcast 24/7, but daily hours of listening is all that counts. Send us songs you feel match the genre, leave us on while you work and work out, and please SHARE with your friends!
After months of work and patience, we've finally generated something coherent. This site is the renovated version of a site first created in April 2012.